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Master Chief Petty Officer Daytona Ral

Name Daytona Ral

Position Master-at-Arms

Second Position Chief of the Boat

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Rigelian/El-Aurian
Age 116
Date of Birth April 30th, 2272
Place of Birth Rigel V
Nicknames/Aliases Callsign while with the SEALs was 'Racetrack'

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1/4"
Weight 185lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Physical Description Handsome, with dark brown hair and light brown eyes. He is youngish looking (vaguely somewhere between 20 and 30), though rugged enough looking to be taken seriously as a Chief of the Boat and Master Chief Petty Officer. His external features make him appear more humanoid than vulcanoid, but he retains all of the physical advantages of being a Vulcanoid Rigelian.


Spouse Princess Anastasia Zaytsev (EX)
Children Nikolai Ral-Zaytsev (SON), Irina Ral-Zaytsev (DAUGHTER)
Father Dilahno Ral
Mother Niome Ral
Brother(s) Sinkar Ral, Lovar Ral
Sister(s) Leilani Ral, Kelaria Ral
Other Family Clan members, one of his aunts is the Matriarch of the Burning Passion Clan, former in-laws

Personality & Traits

General Overview Daytona is pleasant enough when he chooses to be. However, when he chooses not to be pleasant, he can be an unrelenting hard ass. He is a firm believer in “Risk is our business!” He has that on a placard on the wall in his office, behind his desk. Everyone who comes to meet with him has to look at that and choose their words carefully. Risk is inherent in Starfleet work and he can be very intolerant of those in the service who want to complain about the dangers of the fleet rather than face them. “We’re Starfleet,” he is often heard saying. “This is what we do!”

In his personal life, he can be softer and gentler. He was raised in Rigelian society. Rigelians believe that it is unnatural and unhealthy to abstain from sexual intercourse. It is part of their philosophy of exercising the ‘whole body.’ Instead of using logic to contain their turbulent Vulcanoid passions, then channel them into love making and or intense physical exercise. When they’re happy, Rigelians make love. When they are sad, they make love. When they are angry, (you guessed it) they make love. Rigelian doctors even prescribe love making as part of a treatment plan for illness and/or injury! There are some occasions where fighting until prevented by exhaustion is merited (when mourning, for example) but Rigelians spend a lot of time ‘making love, not war.’ This makes Daytona a bit of a flirt, in the sense that he doesn’t hide his interest in women in most cases. But, when he flirts, it usually means that he intends to follow through.
Strengths -The perfect hybrid. He has all of the Vulcanoid advantages (strength, enhanced senses, stronger bones, etcetera) being Rigelian and all of the advantages of being El-Aurian
-He will live for a very long time being half Rigelian/half El-Aurian.
-He is skilled at irregular warfare, counterinsurgency, etc. Still trains regularly when there is a holodeck available and physically trains and tests himself regularly.
-Skilled in the use of small arms and experienced in small unit tactics.
-He is a skilled martial artist.
-Sensory Empathy. He can sense the internal emotional and physical state of others.He has developed this into a way to predict the physical actions of others, by sensing their intent and their physical state. This allows him an advantage in combat, primarily hand-to-hand and melee combat.
Weaknesses -Unlike most Rigelians, Daytona did not develop a psychokinetic ability.
-He can be a real hard case when he wants to be, and he’s not all bark and no bite, as the crewmen and petty officers who have felt his wrath can attest.
-His sensory empathy doesn’t work on Changlings because their biology is so foreign to him. There are other races he has difficulty with, such as Ferengi, disciplined Vulcans, some Betazoids can hide their emotions from him. It is not impossible for him to use his abilities on these races successfully, just more difficult.
-His ability to predict the physical actions of others is hampered if he is trying to use this ability on a species he has never encountered before. The closer the new species anatomy is to something he is familiar with, the faster he can adapt.
Hobbies & Interests Daytona learned Suus Mahna as a child and continues to practice. He has since spent time learning Ambo-Jitsu, Kali, Filipino Kuntao, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He continues to practice these as well. Earth Jazz came to Rigel V after it joined the Federation and Daytona got hooked.

Personal History

Personal History Dilahno Ral was a physician on Rigel V, a graduate of one of the highly esteemed medical schools on Rigel V. He was a member of the aristocratic class and could have had his choice of high-ranking Rigelian women to marry. In a matriarchal society, that put in a position to be set for life. Of course, the higher ranking his spouse, the more husbands he’d have to share her with, but he would be likely afforded leave to have his pick of other women, as long as he remembered to whom he belonged. The thing was, this was not the life that he wanted. As a young physician, Dilahno had worked in free clinics that administered medical care to the lower classes. He took care of many of the discarded children of court dalliances, now living on the street, many working as prostitutes. He wanted none of that. So, he held off his mother’s attempts to marry him off, staying out of his clan’s political interests. Being Rigelian, he had many sexual partners. They ranged from casual, to somewhat more committed, but he refused to be settled into a polygamous relationship, at least not the ones that were traditional in Rigelian society at the time. He despaired of every finding the kind of relationship he wanted. And then an El-Aurian named Niome entered his life.

Niome was beautiful and, while she looked relatively young, she was at least two centuries old. She was kind, gentle, caring, and patient. She was inquisitive with a thirst for knowledge and a hunger for new experiences. Dilahno was immediately attracted to her.

Niome was studying medicine at the school where Dilahno regularly lectured and conducted research at. They met on campus at one of his lectures and hit it off. Niome found Dilahno to be handsome, intelligent, funny, and a good conversationalist, and not just about medicine. He was interested in social issues there on Rigel V, but was also fascinated by the stories Niome told him about the galaxy at large. Before long the two were together. When Niome completed her residency, the two married. Enraged, Dilahno’s mother and his clan’s matriarch conspired to have his research grant pulled and to have him fired from the medical school he taught at. No affluent practice would hire either of them, but they didn’t care. They scratched out a living running a small clinic. They became friendly with two women who ran their own farm in the area outside of New Jaleyl City and, taking a page from the Andorian’s book, the two couples ‘married’ and ran the farm together. Unlike traditional Rigelian polygamy, with one wife and many husbands, provided equality. No one was ever alone. Not long after, Daytona Ral was born.

Daytona was the oldest child of the miniature clan. He had half siblings, but Niome’s pregnancy had been difficult and she and Dilahno decided they would have no more children together. With the other two women in the relationship, there was no need. There were plenty of children around the farm before long. Others joined their little clan, a boon for the Ral offspring. Due to the sexual nature of Rigelian culture, having people in your age group close at hand that you were not blood relation to was extremely helpful.

Daytona turned out to be the idea hybrid. He seemed to have all of the positives of both Rigelians and El-Aurians and none of the negatives. This meant that he was as strong as his full-blooded playmates and later lovers, an advantage in the competitive nature of youth. Farm work kept Daytona in excellent shape. An enclave of the Monastery at Gol was near the farm and Daytona and his fellow youths studied there. Well, not exactly. While the other children of the makeshift clan developed psychokinetic abilities that they honed at the enclave, Daytona did not. He did, however, develop an empathic intuition of sorts. He could sense surface emotions and, to a certain extent, the physical state of another’s body. While he couldn’t tell for an absolute fact whether or not someone was lying, he could make very accurate educated guesses. He could sense emotions if they were strong enough and even differentiate one individual’s emotions from another’s. Most interestingly, his sensory empathy, as the monks called it, allowed him to predict others actions in hand-to-hand and melee combat. While his fellows studied the ancient Vulcan mind arts, the monks came up with a specialized course of study for him. An important component to this course of study was the study of ancient Vulcan martial arts. Daytona was an excellent student.

Daytona visited the city as often as he could and became fascinated with the idea of living and working there. As what, he did not know, at first. While he was a strong student at the enclave, his academics were not strong. He felt he was a disappointment to his parents and wanted to do better but he never quite managed. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do. One day, while visiting the city, he saw that the Constabulary was hiring. Unfortunately, he was too young. He talked to a recruiter anyway and was given suggestions as to what he could do until he was old enough to become a constable. After receiving his secondary education diploma, Daytona enrolled in the technical college of New Jaleyl City. Two years later, in possession of a lower degree in police science, he entered the New Jaleyl City Police Academy in the constable’s program. He had considered trying to finish another two years of school prior to the academy and then doing the inspector’s course of study, but I his mind he had struggled with his education enough for the time being.

After graduation from the constable’s academy, Daytona was assigned patrol duties. After a decade on patrol duty, he was assigned to Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) where he spent fifteen years. After SWAT he was assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) as a Detective Constable. He worked general investigations, vice, narcotics, organized crime, and then homicide. He earned promotions to Detective Senior Constable and then Detective Sergeant. He worked many complex cases. There was a sizeable Orion population on Rigel V and with them came the Syndicate. With the Syndicate came prostitution, gambling, drug trafficking, kidnappings, extortion, protections schemes, homicide, and all the other aspects of having a large organized crime operation in your city. The Orion Syndicate wasn’t the only game in town, either. There were a number of Rigelian gangs, and with joining the Federation in 2297, came offworld criminals as well. As Daytona got closer to fifty plus years with the New Jaleyl Constabulary, police work began to lose its luster.

During his Starfleet career, Daytona met, courted, and married a Starfleet intelligence officer name Anastasia Zaytsev (Princess Anastasia Zaytsev, an aristocrat of the Peoples’ Imperial Democratic Socialist Republic of Katerina). She bore him two children. Daytona spent as much time with his children as his career allowed and they remain close. The Princess Anastasia divorced him. The divorce was amicable, if sad, almost devastating for Daytona.

Note: The PIDSRK is based on Russian nobility, where ‘Prince’ and ‘Princess’ is a noble title, not a royal (or in this case ‘imperial’) one. It can be given by the Tsar or Tsarina and it is inheritable.


New Jaleyl Technical College

-Associate of Applied Science Degree in Police Science

New Jaleyl Police Academy

-Constable School
-Special Weapons and Tactics Training
-Criminal Investigator’s Course
-Sergeant’s Course

Prof. History

Service Chronology 2290-2392 Associate Degree in Police Science, New Jaleyl Technical School
2292-2292 New Jaleyl City Police College/Constable Academy
2292-2302 Police Constable (Patrol)
2302-2317 Police Constable (SWAT)
2317-2322 Detective Constable (CID-General Investigations)
2322-2327 Detective Constable (CID-Narcotics)
2327-2332 Detective Constable (CID-Organized Crime)
2332-2339 Detective Senior Constable (CID-Homicide)
2339-2346 Detective Sergeant (CID-Homicide)
2346-2346 Basic Training
2346-2346 Master-At-Arms ‘A’ School
2346-2348 Master-At-Arms/Crewman, USS Muldoon, Cardassian Border War
2348--2349 SEa, Aerospace, and Land Training
2349-2354 Special Warfare Operator 3rd Class (SO3), 2nd Platoon, SEAL Team 2, Cardassian Border War
2354-2360 SO2, 1st Platoon, SEAL Team 7, Cardassian Border War
2360-2367 SO1, 2nd Platoon, SEAL Team 4, Cardassian Border War
2367-2367 Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA)
2367-2372 Chief Special Warfare Operator (SOC), 3rd Platoon, SEAL Team 5
2372-2373 SOC, 4th Platoon, SEAL Team 8, Federation-Klingon War
2373-2376 SOC, 4th Platoon, SEAL Team 8, Dominion War
2376-2376 Master-At-Arms ‘C’ School (Chief Master-At-Arms)
2376-2384 Senior Chief Master-At-Arms (MACS), USS Calhoun
2384-2388 Master Chief Master-At-Arms (MACM) SB195
2388-2388 Chief of the Boat/Command Chief School
2388-2388 Assigned Chief Master-At-Arms/Chief of the Boat USS Arizona
Service Record When the Cardassians attacked Setlik III and the Federation moved to a war footing with the Cardassians, Daytona decided that it was time for a change from police work (SEE PERSONAL HISTORY), so he enlisted in Starfleet…and they made him a master-at-arms. All he did was go from being a civilian cop to being a military cop. Worse, he was back on the bottom of the ladder. He suffered through two years of being a master-at-arms and then applied to Starfleet Special Operations Command. Daytona made it through selection and training and was transferred from the master-at-arms rating to the special warfare operator rating.

With the SEALs, Daytona went on many missions behind enemy lines. He participated in many joint operations alongside the Marine Raiders and the Andorian Rangers. In the nearly twenty years of the border wars, Daytona was awarded 4 Bronze Stars, 2 Silver Stars, the Starfleet Cross, and several Purple Hearts. No one was happier than Daytona to see the war come to its conclusion, but he was left with a nagging dissatisfaction. The final treaties gave back territory that he and his fellow SEALs had fought for and some had died for. Federation citizens were given the choice of abandoning their homes or being abandoned by the Federation. What had it all been for??

At the conclusion of the border wars, Daytona was promoted to Chief Special Warfare Operator (SOC) and attended Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA). The interim period between the border wars and the Federation-Klingon War was spent training for the most part, though there were definitely covert missions conducted during this time.

In 2372, the Federation-Klingon War began and it was back to business as usual for Daytona. It was odd fighting the Klingons because he had, as recently as a few years prior to the war, conducted joint training operations with Klingon Special Forces. Nonetheless, fight them he did. The Klingons could be vicious enemies but they had a code of honor which limited the atrocities of war on their side. Daytona’s team conducted raids on Klingon bases and otherwise disrupted Klingon Defense Force operations. As in the border wars, some of these operations were joint ops with the Marine Raiders and the Andorian Rangers. More than once the ARs swooped in to back up Daytona’s platoon, either helping to complete the mission or instead covering the platoon’s retreat. By the end of the war, Daytona had earned another bronze star and another purple heart.

The Federation-Klingon War flowed directly into the Dominion War. In addition to covert raids and other like assignments, Daytona’s platoon participated in many of the major battles of the war. After the First Battle of Chintoka, SOCOM set up a base on Chintoka. When the Breen attacked, the base was caught flat footed. Suddenly they had no orbital support. The SOCOM units on the planet fought a fierce battle on the planet alongside the conventional marine forces on the planet. With no orbital support, the marine commander attempted an evacuation using the short-range transports he had at his disposal, while selected marine units and the remaining aerospace assets (fighters, gunships) held off the advancing Jem’Hadar, Cardassians, and Breen. The SOCOM units volunteered to undertake a risky but necessary flanking maneuver. The maneuver paid off, forcing the enemy to take its focus off of the retreating marines long enough for the evacuation to be completed for the most part. Unfortunately, the commander of the marines fighting the holding action chose to evacuate his troops prematurely, leaving the SOCOM forces on their own. Eventually, they ran low on ammunition and, having suffered heavy casualties, went to ground in the planet’s mountains. They fought a guerilla war against Dominion forces on Chintoka until the end of the war. When they were finally rescued, a mere fraction of the SOCOM forces remained. After the war ended, Daytona confronted the marine officer who had abandoned them. For his actions at Chintoka, Daytona was awarded a second Starfleet Cross. The confrontation did not end well and Daytona was ultimately transferred out of SOCOM and back to the Master-At-Arms rating. Further details of the incident have been redacted and there exist more rumors and legends than facts about what happened.

Despite the career setback of being transferred out of SOCOM, Daytona managed to settle in well as a Senior Chief Master-At-Arms. He had, after all, spent over fifty years as a police officer on Rigel V. Twelve years later he was selected to attend Chief of the Boat/Command Chief School. Upon completion of the course Daytona was assigned to the USS Arizona as Chief Master-At-Arms and Chief of the Boat.


Starfleet Basic Training

-Basic Starship and Starbase Operations and Procedures, Basic EVA/Zero-G, Basic Away Team Procedures, First Aid, Basic Small Arms, Basic Small Unit Tactics, etc.

Master-At-Arms ‘A’ School

-Law Enforcement, Criminal Law, Security Procedures, Patrol, Physical Security, Self-Defense, Intermediate Small Arms Training, Intermediate Small Unit Tactics, Away Team Procedures, Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure (VBSS), Vehicle Patrol, etc.

SEa, Aerospace, and Land (SEAL) School

-Advanced Small Arms, Advanced Small Unit Tactics, SERE, Orbital Insertion, SCUBA, Demolitions, Irregular Warfare, Counterterrorism, Counterinsurgency, Combat Medicine, Airborne, Tracking, Reconnaissance, Advanced EVA/Zero-G, etc.

Master-At- Arms ‘C’ School (Chief Master-At-Arms)

-Command training for senior NCOs in the Master-At-Arms rating.

First Line Leadership Development Program (FLLDP)

-Leadership Training for enlisted personnel in the ranks of Crewman to Petty Officer 2nd Class, who are in a “first leadership position” within their chain of command and are those who are responsible for the growth, development and daily direction of their subordinates.

Primary Leadership Development Program (PLDP)

-Leadership Training for Petty Officer 2nd Class to Petty Officer 1st Class personnel who will be assigned leadership roles and responsibilities that include planning and executing divisional functions. They will also be responsible for the professional and personal growth of personnel within their division.

Advanced Leadership Development Program (ADLP)

-Leadership Training for Petty Officer 1st Class and Chief Petty Officer personnel, who are assigned to leadership roles and responsibilities in the administration, supervision and training of their division or department, including the professional and personal growth of personnel within that division or department.

Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA) (Starfleet Academy, Earth)

-Designed to enhance the leadership skills of senior NCOs. Is a prerequisite for the Command Chief/Chief of the Boat Course

Chief of the Boat/Command Chief School

-Training to prepare Senior NCOs for duty as Command NCOs.

Medical History

Medical Profile "Daytona Ral is an example of how perfect hybrids should turn out. He displays all of the advantages of both Vulcanoid Rigelian AND El-Aurian DNA. He is strong and sturdy, with senses beyond human. He has the famed Rigelian near-perfect sense of direction, which made him an asset on special reconnaissance missions with the SEALs. He seems to possess the same long lifespan as full blooded El-Aurian, but that is just conjecture at this point. Rigelians can live to be over 250 years old on their own. Time will be the true test of his lifespan.

Master Chief Ral has suffered many wounds and injuries in service to the Federation but seems to have recovered well from most of them. Interestingly, he doesn't have the morbid interest in keeping scars that some combat personnel do. He doesn't go out of his way to remove every single one, but he hasn't felt the need to hang on to any, either. The result is that you can tell that his body has seen some wear and tear, but not to the point of disfigurement.

Physically, Master Chief Ral is as healthy as a young man in is early twenties, and will likely be that way for some time to come."

Commander Torem P'Trell
Chief Medical Officer
Psychological Profile "Master Chief Ral is essentially a well-adjusted adult. He is a bit promiscuous and flirtatious, but that fits his Rigelian upbringing. If he were Human, I would find seeking solace in sexual relations to the extent that he does to be unhealthy, but this behavior is perfectly normal for a Rigelian.

Master Chief Ral is a hard, but fair man, according to all reports. My own dealings with him confirm that assessment. Despite a gruff exterior, he does seem to care about the crew that work for him, and for the crew in general. He provides guidance and counsel not only to enlisted personnel, but also to junior officers. The man has been in Starfleet for over 40 years and is more than willing to share the benefits of his experiences, both good and bad.

When I broached the subject of being left behind during the Second Battle of Chintoka, and not being rescued until a few months after the close of the war, he was I believe open and honest about the experience and his feelings about it. He manages his feelings of abandonment and loss of trust in Starfleet as best he can. Despite his unit being left behind to fend for themselves, Master Chief Ral still believes in Starfleet's mission and service to the Federation. Sometimes, however, he feels that he has to work at it.

When I brought up his redacted disciplinary file and asked if he wanted to talk about it, he bristled. He is clearly still angry, not at the incident, but at the marine officer he assaulted, the one who gave the order to abandon the SOCOM operators on Chintoka. His forgiveness apparently only goes so far. I advise that this subject not be brought up lightly, as it will put him on the defensive.

I hereby declare Master Chief Daytona Ral fit to assume the role of Command Chief/Chief of the Boat and recommend that he attend the next class offered."

Commander Chahia Firenze
Chief Counselor