The Sim

Welcome to the newly re-imagined (kind of) USS Arizona. This game is set in the year of our Lord Curmudgeon 2388.

For those of you just joining the game, the current incarnation of the USS Arizona is a newly commissioned Sovereign-class vessel. The last ship to bare the name Arizona was a Prometheus-class ship that was taken out of service for technical issues that were unresolvable. As Nathan would say, too many gremlins and not enough fire to kill 'em. On that basis, Admiral Cowell was removed from his command and transferred to Starfleet Command, where he was forced to spend a miserable span of time being in charge of things that didn't really mean as much to him as being a ship captain. As Nathan was not a politician by any stretch of any imagination, he swiftly relieved of his Admiralty position, and tossed back into the center chair of the ship he so dearly loved. For those of you that don't know, this is all according to plan as far as the old man sees it.

As time goes on, this introduction will change, highlighting major events in the lives of our brave Curmudgeoneers. We hope that you will enjoy reading our story as much as we have telling it.